Surviving eight days of shitstorm

And with the sending of reminders for the next day’s coverage via email and Viber last night, I bid this 1-10 p.m. hell goodbye — at least for the moment, or until my night-shift partner takes another long vacation, which I hope won’t happen anytime soon. To say that it’s been an exhausting, mentally draining eight days is an understatement. A lot of things have happened since Monday last week. Kerwin Espinosa the suspected drug lord was repatriated from Abu Dhabi, Ronnie Dayan the alleged bagman was arrested in La Union, and I fell in love with a young anti-Marcos protester.


With Sen. Risa Hontiveros (left). Photo from GMA News

Of course there was that surprise heroes’ burial for the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, which has treachery written all over it, and which sparked lightning rallies across Metro Manila last Friday. And then there were the usual verbal diarrhea from Rodrigo Duterte and his numero uno cheerleader Mocha Uson.



Add to that the fact that two ranking BOC and BIR officials were gunned down in less than a week, and that singer-comedian Blakdyak was found dead inside his apartment with a fucking plastic bag wrapped around his head. And oh, Sen. Leila de Lima also admitted having an affair with Dayan, her former driver-bodyguard, with Dayan saying days later that their relationship lasted for seven years — longer than the average marriage of many celebrity couples. Whoa!

And yesterday, Espinosa faced the Senate for a hearing that lasted from morning to early evening, and which left me too exhausted to nail this shit last night.

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One sick, exhausted hamster

It’s past 1 a.m. on a Saturday and I just finished watching Episode 2 of Sons of Anarchy Season 1. It’s officially my weekend, and I feel like shit. Runny nose, mild fever, weakness. I may have to spend the next two days in bed. Oh wait, I’ve to accompany the kiddo to a kiddie party later today…


It was an exhausting, if not depressing, workweek in the news front. Marcos, Espinosa, that little thing in America called Donald Trump — the bars tonight are probably crawling with shell-shocked journalists analyzing the past few days over sisig and mugs of beer. What a week, they’d say. Nothing but doom and gloom out there. Are you ready to cover a nuclear war?

Liars and killers and maniacs. Buffoons fighting buffoons. Inane TV shows. Anger and hate. Narcissists and self-styled moralists on Facebook. Viral videos of jerks being jerks. They screamed at me from every direction. No wonder I punched out Friday a wreck.

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Not again

Time check 10:10 p.m. Still at the office. Still listening to the livestream of yet another congressional hearing on the illegal drug trade inside the national penitentiary. Way I see it, this will drag on for at least one more hour, give or take. I feel like choking a congressman.

Meanwhile, this is how my weekend went down:

  • Biked for 27kms
  • Jollibee lunch at Robinson’s Antipolo with the girls
  • Scored a cheap-ass Xenon DVD player because our old one got busted by lightning two weeks ago and I miss listening to my CDs
  • Finished reading Out of my Skin by John Haskell; picked up Ryu Murakami’s In the Miso Soup next
  • Watched Joshy with the wifey
  • Watched eps 3 and 4 of Luke Cage
  • Finished watching The Wire Season 1 (Kima Greggs is alive! But the ending was bittersweet)
  • Started watching Westworld
  • Naps, naps and naps

And Monday, drizzly and devoid of colors, came like a hard kick in the gut.

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Just another drab day

Downloading Episode 1 of Westworld, HBO’s new series. Also, Episode 3 of American Horror Story Season 6. And this morning, before pushing for work, I finally got the chance to start on Luke Cage. Looking back now, it’s probably the best thing that happened to me today.


Not that the pilot is super good (it’s interesting enough that I think I’ll be on board for the entire season); it’s just that compared to that, the rest of the day was bland and cheerless. Work, rain, heavy traffic. And the fact that I only got about three hours of sleep to power me up for that. The whole day was essentially a battle not to fall flat on my face.

Exhausted as hell, and it’s only Tuesday.

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A long night

Time check 1:46 a.m. I just got home from work. I’m tired, wet and cold, and feeling kinda low. It had been a long ugly shift, no thanks to the Senate hearing on drug-related killings, which lasted from morning to late evening, and ended in a rather tense note when Sen. Leila de Lima walked out of the room following an argument with Sen. Richard Gordon. Before that, a bunch of alleged death squad members and their respective denials. No fireworks, no surprises.

The original plan tonight was to start watching Luke Cage. But since it’s already late, and I still have to wake up at 5 a.m. to help prep the kiddo to school, that could wait. Meanwhile, aided by the sound of pouring rain outside, I sleep and chase dreams.

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