Finally, a time for biking


Sunday morning solo bike ride: 25.62 kilometers. Not bad since it’s been weeks since I last did this, and my leg muscles have become somewhat lazy, and these days I’ve been feeling really weak from lack of quality sleep. Anyway, photo taken at the Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, a favorite pit stop every time I go biking on weekends. I’m not a religious person, but neither am I an atheist, but there is something about the continuous flow of people on a sun-splashed weekend morning on church grounds that relaxes me.

Okay. So here is how my (long) weekend went down:

  • Picked the kiddo from school, one of my most favorite things to do in life
  • Haircut and a shave since no-shave November is over
  • Four movies: The Way Back, Being Charlie, Roger Dodger, and — finally — Suicide Squad
  • Watched Episode 5 of The Walking Dead Season 7
  • Read a couple of pages of Bukowski’s Post Office
  • Binge-listened to Alice in Chains after finishing David de Sola’s biography of the band
  • Attended a wedding in Pasig. Hung around wifey’s office-mates
  • Bought stuff for the house using 13th month cash
  • Foodtrips at Giligan’s

And then — whack! — Monday. Senate hearing, Vice President Robredo resigning from her Cabinet post, toothache. Twenty days before Christmas, this is exactly what I need. Bring it on!

Playlist: Alice in ChainsThe Essential Alice in Chains; Faith No MoreAlbum of the Year; MudhoneyUnder a Billion Suns