Two deaths

Couple of minutes past midnight. Just finished replacing the strings of my acoustic guitar and tuning them. Tried playing excerpts of songs I know to get my groove back, so to speak, but it wasn’t working. Didn’t take long before my fingers hurt. So I stopped. I could never be that cool guy impressing girls with mad guitar skills.



Season 7 started Monday, and by now every Tom, Dick and Harry knows two important characters died: Abraham Ford and fan favorite Glenn Rhee. Both found themselves at the business end of Negan’s Lucille. Abraham’s death I kind of predicted, but Glenn’s? Didn’t see that coming (although I wished for it, as I didn’t like his doughboy face). Actually, I didn’t see two deaths in one episode coming. Nice job, Robert Kirkman and co.

Smashed heads aside, the pilot is actually so-so. I find Negan’s long-winded rant boring, and his little field trip with Rick kind of unnecessary. I guess Kirkman figured out fans will be too sad or shocked by Glenn’s death to give a shit. Still, there’s promise in Season 7, so I’m giving it a whirl.

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Seth Rogen kind of weekend


So apparently there is this old short-lived Judd Apatow sitcom called Undeclared. It came out in 2001-2002, and starred Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen, among others. I can’t remember what I was Googling on Saturday night, but I somehow ended up on the show’s page, and I instantly got curious. Luckily, there are available episodes on YouTube. I checked the pilot and thought it was cool. Will check out the rest.

Other stuff that went down over the weekend

  • Hung around wifey’s office in Makati (she was doing OT)
  • Ministop lunch with the kiddo in Makati (while wifey’s doing OT)
  • Evening stroll at Greenbelt (scored Metallica’s black album from Astrovision)
  • Watched Ep. 1 of Black Mirror Season 3
  • Eps. 9 and 10 of Luke Cage
  • Watched Sausage Party with the wifey (again, starring Seth Rogen)
  • Swedish massage

And then it’s Monday again, and I feel like I should’ve taken more naps.

Playlist: NirvanaNevermind; The PixiesHead Carrier

‘Black Mirror’


At the office earlier, amid the background noise of yet another congressional hearing on “extrajudicial killings,” I was suddenly gripped by a terrible urge to pack up and head home. The reason: Black Mirror, the British TV series that has me thinking of nothing else ever since I (very belatedly) saw the pilot episode last night. Followed it up with another episode this morning while prepping for work, and with two good episodes down I am now craving for a marathon. Just me and my laptop and the rest of the series. How did this escape my radar anyway?

So for the meantime I’m putting the other series I’m following on the back burner until I’m finished with the show’s two seasons (third one will be out October 21 via Netflix!). Won’t take long, as there are only three episodes per season. Which, considering how deliciously good the show is, seems like a bummer.

On to my third episode now…

Playlist: MerauderBluetality; Ringworm – Hammer of the Witch

Officer down

Wasn’t able to blog last night. Watched Episode 10 of The Wire Season 1 for nightcap, and it was the episode where Kima, one of my favorite characters, got shot in a botched buy-bust operation. Though it’s not yet clear if she’s dead, the well-executed scene left me too stunned to do anything. Would’ve watched the next episode for peace of mind, but by then it was almost 1 a.m., and I needed my beauty sleep.

Three days down, two more to go before weekend. If I could watch another The Wire episode tonight, and then another tomorrow, then by weekend I could finish off Season 1, and that would give me time to marathon Luke Cage while I follow American Horror Story on the side. Will also check out Westworld and see what the hype is all about. Meanwhile, still figuring out how to insert Daredevil (Season 2) and Peaky Blinders (same) in all this.

I’m such a busy couch potato.

Playlist: OpethSorceress

Just another drab day

Downloading Episode 1 of Westworld, HBO’s new series. Also, Episode 3 of American Horror Story Season 6. And this morning, before pushing for work, I finally got the chance to start on Luke Cage. Looking back now, it’s probably the best thing that happened to me today.


Not that the pilot is super good (it’s interesting enough that I think I’ll be on board for the entire season); it’s just that compared to that, the rest of the day was bland and cheerless. Work, rain, heavy traffic. And the fact that I only got about three hours of sleep to power me up for that. The whole day was essentially a battle not to fall flat on my face.

Exhausted as hell, and it’s only Tuesday.

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