Current dilemma


Binge reading graphic novels these days. After City of Silence and the last Preacher book I finished Mark Millar’s ultra-violent Nemesis last night… and today I couldn’t seem to figure out what to read next, and I’m growing restless and agitated and really stressed out thinking about this. Likely candidate is Outcast vol. 1, but part of me also wants to read X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain very much, while another part wants Promethea, and then another The Joker, and then another… you get the drift.

I tell myself: They’re just graphic novels, for fuck’s sake. Why am I handling it as if it’s a matter of life and death?

Meanwhile, seems like 2017 will be the year graphic novels will really slug it out with books/ebooks for my attention. Oh well…

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Here comes temptation


Fully Booked reopened its branch in Gateway Mall in Araneta Center over the weekend, and on my first visit today I scored these graphic novels. Damn. Whatever happened to “lead us not into temptation”? This is going to be fucking costly…

In other news: The Boss invited me to his cubicle yesterday. Usually this means two things: either he’s about to consult me on something, or he’d share a juicy office gossip. Oftentimes it’s the latter. But it turned out it was neither. Instead, he asked me if I’m interested in [higher office post]. “Nothing final,” he said. “This is just exploratory.” He also asked me if I’m amenable to morning shift, knowing I’ve spent my eight years in the company doing the night shift. I told him, “Yes, of course” on the former, and “Will consult wife” on the latter (I’m her assistant in prepping the kiddo for school in the morning). And that was that. We’ll see how this rolls. To be honest, I’m feeling kind of weird about this.

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Today’s blind purchase

img_0717… is a James Patterson graphic novel called Daniel X: Alien Hunter. The title’s cheesy, but I dig the cover art, and for only P180 at Booksale I thought, Why not? (Actually, I went there to score the X-Men Noir I saw last week, but some asshole beat me to it, and I didn’t want to leave the place empty-handed.)

Lack of sleep and bad stomach plagued me in the morning. Popped Lomotil and washed it down with Cobra Energy Drink like a true thug. Not really. The energy drink was consumed at the office, for “mental boost” as I confronted nine long hours of the same old same old. Shit always does the trick. Must be the ginseng.

Watched eps 3 and 4 of American Horror Story Season 6 today. Was planning to start on Season 1 of Black Mirror when I got home from work, was even excited about it, but in bed I realized I rather read and sleep early, so this is all for now…

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