Ginebra! Ginebra!

Well, even to someone who didn’t really follow the finals as eagerly as the entire nation did, tonight’s buzzer-beater championship victory by Barangay Ginebra over Meralco Bolts was one for the books. Part of me wishes I’m as into the team — or as into basketball in general, for that matter — as when I was in the late Nineties, when Ginebra had the likes of Marlou Aquino and Bal David and Noli Locsin, and was still under the tutelage of Robert Jaworski. I realize now, as I check  the jubilation on my Facebook wall, that I miss rooting for a basketball team, and celebrating in times of triumph.

Anyway, congratulations, Ginebra. You deserve having Kim Domingo as your new calendar girl.


That was actually another Ginebra-related good news today, the announcement that Kim Domingo is their calendar girl for 2017. Thanks to an office-mate, I am one of the first owners of such calendar. Next year suddenly looks, well, inviting.

Windy outside. Storm’s a-brewin’. Night’s deep. Here’s to wild Kim Domingo dreams…

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Girlie mags


Freebies, courtesy of the office. If only I could find time to read them and not just leaf through the pages drooling over curves and legs and tits…

Time check 1:15 a.m. By 8 I should be in Shopwise-Cubao where a college pal and his wife would pick me up for a quick Saturday trip to Cavite to visit a friend whose mother has died. Which means I should be up by 5:30 and be on the road by 7. Which means I should be sleeping by now.

Sad that in our little college group, get-togethers only happen now when somebody dies.

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