Weekend with the girls

And by girls I don’t mean the wifey and the kiddo, my usual weekend dates. For a change, the past weekend was spent with girl friends, some of whom I haven’t seen in years — a funny thing since we live in the same city and basically go to the same coffee shops, supermarkets and payment centers.


Saturday, rainy as fuck, I was at Eastwood for the long overdue meetup with friends I met through the now defunct Multiply. Adelaide-based T___ was in town and wanted to hook up before she flies back home. Four of us made it, plus partners. Coffee at Starbucks to beat the cold and then lunch at Italianni’s. Jokes and stories galore — and the wildest first-person account I’ve heard about vibrators courtesy of M__. It was a whole afternoon of fun and warm camaraderie that we all hoped would be replicated soon.

Then the next day, Sunday, was my alma matter’s homecoming. There was a parade in the morning that I failed to join because of house chores and also the rain. Then a program in the afternoon at Ynares Center. Speeches and dance presentations by batches. Also a raffle. It was nice seeing my old class/batch-mates again. “Man, it’s been over 20 years” and all that. Program over, I joined our batch’s all-girl dance group to Calleza Bar and Grill for drinks. Stayed there longer than I had intended. Guess I got carried away by the vibe.

Indeed, fun weekend.

Playlist: VolbeatRock the Rebel/Metal the Devil; DanzigDanzig


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