Celebrating V-Day our way


Thanks to social media, Valentine’s has become more commercial that it used to be. Whether that’s bad or good depends on one’s love life status, I guess, but I’ve never seen so many roses and teddy bears and red heart-shaped whatnot waved to my face as was yesterday on my way to work. Even LRT-2 had some kind of Valentine’s gimmick going on. And don’t get me started on Facebook posts. They almost made me diabetic.

Anyway, it was almost midnight when the wifey and I got to celebrate V-Day, no thanks to heavy traffic. It was a simple celebration: no resto, no movie, not even a coffee shop rendezvous. Just the two of us at home, with Carlo Rossi and a bag of Tostitos — our version of Ethan Hawke’s famous 90s movie line “You, me and five bucks.” Why spend more?

Meanwhile, my life continues to revolve around family, comics, movies, music and TV series. On fine weekend mornings I bike, and once again I’m trying to quit smoking. The other day I tried drawing again. When I can, I sleep early and wake up late. In short, life’s sweet for the meantime.

Playlist: Van HalenBalance; Against Me! Transgender Dysphoria Blues


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