Pinto, finally

pintoSo last weekend me and the girls finally got to check out Pinto Arts Museum, one of Antipolo City’s newest tourist attractions. Emphasis on “finally”: when friends from as far as Singapore and Dubai have been to Pinto and yet we, who live just a few kilometers away, have not, something is amiss. We decided to rectify that last Sunday.

First impression of the place: it’s effin’ huge, man. I was expecting one building housing all the arts and artifacts and stuff, but apparently there’s more. Aside from the actual museum, there were also galleries, gardens, a meditation area (under renovation during our visit), chapel, a cafè and a theater. A newbie could easily get lost in the maze. Thankfully, a map is provided at the entrance. It was helpful, especially if you’re looking for the nearest CR.

Anyway, will not go into details. Blogs about Pinto Arts Museum are dime-a-dozen. I’ll just say that if you dig arts, and old things, and culture — or you just fancy watching young pretty out-of-towners snap photos of themselves — you’ll be at home in this place.

Playlist: AsphyxLast One on Earth; Terra NovaCome Alive


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