Leveling up @ Discovery Primea

inomFriday. Midnight. Somewhere in Makati. A bit tipsy in the company of new friends — all hip, all well dressed, all smart-trendy in their own way.

Actually, I was only there to pick up my wife.

My wife. She said for this year she wants to level up on her social skills. Go out, meet new people, enjoy new things. Well, why not?

So Friday night after work she said she’s going out with friends and asked me if I could pick her up. I told her to meet me at McDonald’s along Paseo de Roxas, our usual meeting place, at 11 p.m. I pictured myself having a quiet time reading comics and nursing a cappuccino while waiting for her. I liked the picture. I like tranquility.

But then she said she’s having too much fun to split at 11 so would I consider joining them instead since her friends were interested to meet me anyway.

She gave their whereabouts: Discovery Primea.

A fucking hotel? Talk about level up.

So I went, and there they were, some gals and some dudes, swigging wine and beer and munching home-cooked steak — wow! — all griping about the hotel’s no smoking policy. Loose conversation here and there: about vaping, the BPO industry, Bato dela Rosa. Ice-cold Red Horse hissed when I popped open the tab. How cool, I thought, being here and all.

Ah, this leveling up business. Bring it on!

Playlist: Soul AsylumLet Your Dim Light Shine


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