And then the party’s over

I thought I was handling it pretty well. Then I realized I wasn’t. Fucking post-holiday blues, man.


It happened in Cubao on my way to work (still a holiday today, but no such thing in my gig). I saw the stalls that were selling Christmas decors (before Christmas) and fireworks (New Year) being dismantled and torn down. That drove home the fact to me that the holidays are over, and that it’s now back to the tired old boring-ass routine of the daily grind. What’s sadder is the fact that when I get home tonight, the wifey will no longer be there waiting for me, as she has to sleep early for her work tomorrow. I will miss those late-night chats over tea or coffee we had over the past few days. That’s actually my memory of Christmastime 2016. I am sentimental like that.

At work now. The air is syrupy quiet. Fighting to let the wretched post-holiday fact sink in… and not doing a pretty good job about it. Just smoked two cigarettes despite New Year resolution to drop the damn habit. Oh well…

Playlist: Blue Oyster CultClub Ninja; Bad BrainsI Against I


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