The year of dead celebrities


So today the world woke up to news that Carrie Fisher of Princess Leia fame is dead. She died days after suffering from heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Once again the guys and gals on Facebook are chirping about how awful 2016 is, considering the number of noted celebrities who perished this year (George Michael died on Christmas). Well, perhaps so. But on a personal note — and the wifey agrees to this so it’s not just me — 2016 is probably one of the fastest years in recent memory. And that’s good in my book.

Sucks to be at work when my close friends are either on vacation or on leave.

Playlist: Gin BlossomsOutside Looking In: The Best of Gin Blossoms; Trashcan SinatrasIn the Music; MotorheadBastards; Neurotic OutsidersNeurotic Outsiders


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