Party, party


Um, well…

Some people are born to party. Sadly (or not), I’m not one of them. Parties make me uncomfortable, perhaps because in the spirit of camaraderie I’ve to act like I’m enjoying them even though in truth I’d rather be somewhere else (the mosh pit of a Slayer concert, for example). Still, like death and taxes and Air Supply music, parties are something one can’t always avoid, especially if he still considers himself a part of the human race, and especially during the holidays.

We’re having our office Christmas party later tonight. Preparations are in full swing as I type this. There’s excitement in the air. People just couldn’t wait to punch out and head to the venue, a swanky pizza place along Tomas Morato. There’ll be food and gifts and parlor games, I’m told, but no beer, which is a bummer. But there will be a raffle and I might get lucky. Not counting on it, though. But free pizza is always good…

Playlist: SlayerDiabolus in Musica; Stone Temple PilotsTiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop; Electric WizardWitchcult Today


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