Fiesta flashback


First of all, the photo is not mine. I lifted it up from some website, because that’s what lazy bastards like me do on the Internet.

Antipolo town fiesta today. There were parades, programs, and concerts. Lots of people were on streets making traffic more horrendous than usual. For the occasion, dozens of pigs were Oplan Tokhang’d so that revelers can gorge themselves with lechon and lechon paksiw as if heart attack was a hoax. Everybody was happy. Food and drinks and music were in abundance. The outside world did not exist. Nobody gave a shit about the death penalty, “yellows,” and Loida Nicolas-Lewis.

Back in high school I would spend this day with friends jumping from one friend’s house to another enjoying the free meals. We would start at about lunchtime; by merienda time we would be already so full we could communicate only by snorts and grunts. By nighttime we would trudge toward the town plaza to watch the free concert. One time we saw Wolfgang there, back when Basti Artadi and co. were still starting out and have yet to make a name for themselves. Those were good worry-free nights.

This year, I spent the Antipolo town fiesta the same way I spent it in the past 16 years or so: by going to work and pretending I don’t fucking miss the experience.

Playlist: Love BatteryFar Gone; Alice in Chains Jar of Flies; MetallicaHardwired… to Self-Destruct


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