Here comes temptation


Fully Booked reopened its branch in Gateway Mall in Araneta Center over the weekend, and on my first visit today I scored these graphic novels. Damn. Whatever happened to “lead us not into temptation”? This is going to be fucking costly…

In other news: The Boss invited me to his cubicle yesterday. Usually this means two things: either he’s about to consult me on something, or he’d share a juicy office gossip. Oftentimes it’s the latter. But it turned out it was neither. Instead, he asked me if I’m interested in [higher office post]. “Nothing final,” he said. “This is just exploratory.” He also asked me if I’m amenable to morning shift, knowing I’ve spent my eight years in the company doing the night shift. I told him, “Yes, of course” on the former, and “Will consult wife” on the latter (I’m her assistant in prepping the kiddo for school in the morning). And that was that. We’ll see how this rolls. To be honest, I’m feeling kind of weird about this.

Playlist: HandsomeHandsome; KidneythievesThe Mend; Mastodon – One More ‘Round the Sun


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