Opened up and said argh!

My outdoor me-time during the weekend was Sunday’s trip to the dentist. Finally, after more than a year, I finally found time to have my teeth cleaned. Weird experience, though. I found the procedure too short for something that was worth P500. The last time I had my teeth scrubbed, by a different dentist but for the same price, the procedure took relatively longer — give or take 30 minutes. Yesterday, I was off the dentist’s chair in about 10 minutes. I sit on the marble throne longer than that in the morning (that’s because I read while I shit, it’s my ritual, and so what?).

Anyway, I made a mental note to try a different dentist next time.

Other weekend highlights (that is, if one can call them highlights):

  • Malling with the girls looking for a white cat costume the kiddo will use in a school program next month
  • Late-night beer and red wine session with the wifey while watching Don’t Breathe
  • Episodes 9, 10, 11 of Sons of Anarchy Season 1
  • The movie War Dogs

See, not much is happening in my world except family.

Playlist: MetallicaRide the Lightning; L7Bricks are Heavy


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