Of Marcos & CD sales

So earlier today, about the same time folks were losing their shit over the sneaky way ex-President Marcos was buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, I was having my own mini-nervous breakdown at the Universal Records CD/DVD sale in Quezon Avenue as I browse over the titles. Ugh, they were the same shit as before, and very few of them looked interesting even for P20. I dragged my ass out of the house early for that? Still bought five CDs, though, but only because I may need their jewel cases to replace broken ones in the future. And I also didn’t want to feel like my trip there was a waste of time.


Five days down, three more to go of my 1-10 p.m. shift. It’s been hell, considering the kind of news we had this week, capped by the Marcos burial this afternoon. Boy did that really stir the hornet’s nest, so to speak. As I type this, way past 1 in the morning on a Saturday, with rain falling outside, thousands were still at the EDSA People Power Monument protesting the treachery. I got friends there, and I wish them safety. I also wish I’ve the energy to join them. But like I said, it’s been a helluva exhausting week. I need sleep badly.

Which is exactly what I’m about to do now…

Playlist: MetallicaHardwired… to Self-Destruct; HumDownward is Heavenward


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