One sick, exhausted hamster

It’s past 1 a.m. on a Saturday and I just finished watching Episode 2 of Sons of Anarchy Season 1. It’s officially my weekend, and I feel like shit. Runny nose, mild fever, weakness. I may have to spend the next two days in bed. Oh wait, I’ve to accompany the kiddo to a kiddie party later today…


It was an exhausting, if not depressing, workweek in the news front. Marcos, Espinosa, that little thing in America called Donald Trump — the bars tonight are probably crawling with shell-shocked journalists analyzing the past few days over sisig and mugs of beer. What a week, they’d say. Nothing but doom and gloom out there. Are you ready to cover a nuclear war?

Liars and killers and maniacs. Buffoons fighting buffoons. Inane TV shows. Anger and hate. Narcissists and self-styled moralists on Facebook. Viral videos of jerks being jerks. They screamed at me from every direction. No wonder I punched out Friday a wreck.

Playlist: DismemberDismember


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