103000982-gettyimages-488230964-240x240So Trump won the US presidential elections in a stunning upset that left many – including non-Americans – flabbergasted and in the brink of nervous breakdown. For hours following the announcement, Facebook wept and wept and wept. Everybody had their sad little pieces to tell. That’s okay. That’s what social media is all about. Perhaps those people just needed an outlet. I’ve to admit, though, seeing one bleeding heart post after another got kind of annoying after some time. I suddenly missed pictures and videos of babies and cats.

But amid the boo-hoos, some sensible outside-the-box posts, like the one by my Australian friend KT, who said Trump’s victory is the “big giant middle finger” of the group of people that has been dismissed by many—in jokes and memes—as “inbred, retarded, and brainless.” A breath of fresh air, that post.

And then there were the articles that seek to explain what the fuck happened. Kyle Pope of Columbia Journalism Review said Trump’s victory signaled journalism’s “reckoning,” while Margaret Sullivan of the Washington Post faulted the media for “not listening” to voters who “shouted and screamed” for something different. To put it bluntly, Sullivan said, the media missed the story of the 2016 US elections.

Playlist: The DoorsStrange Days; Guns ‘n’ RosesThe Spaghetti Incident; Van HalenA Different Kind of Truth


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