Help wanted: Beer pals


Taken from the walkway connecting Farmer’s Plaza to Gateway Mall at the Araneta Center on Friday night, hours after it was lit up in a ceremony attended by beauty queens and, ugh, Vice Ganda. Standing there, soaking up the night, I wished I was drunk. Or at least tipsy. I really felt like celebrating something that night. Guess I was lonely. It happens.

It was a sober kind of weekend. Me and the girls didn’t even go out. We just stayed at home and enjoyed each other’s company. The highlights:

  • Finished watching third season of Black Mirror
  • Started watching Gotham Season 3
  • Watched Ep. 6 of Undeclared (Adam Sandler as guest!)
  • Finished reading Book 2 of 100 Bullets
  • A Coen brothers movie: Burn After Reading
  • Biked for 19.72 kms
  • Dropped by D__’s place, some chitchat, first time with the sun up, and sans beer
  • Watched the Pacquiao-Vargas bout on cable (boring fight, methinks. Bob Arum was the true winner)

So there. Another weekend over. I still haven’t seen Dr. Strange, and I kind of miss the company of friends.

Playlist: NirvanaIncesticide; The Damned ThingsIronclast; Third Eye BlindThird Eye Blind


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