Back to regular programming


… it’s like I stepped into a Black Mirror episode.

This was taken Saturday night, second day of my four-day staycation, at our subdivision’s Halloween party, where the kiddo, dressed as Snow White complete with poison apple and all, won a can of Playdoh for volunteering to be the magician’s apprentice during a trick involving milk and a magic straw. It was a good, fun night with the family that I wouldn’t trade for anything else.

Indeed, the last four days had been full of highlights, from picking up my daughter at school after her midday Halloween party last Friday, to yesterday’s horror movie marathon with the wifey. Just us chilling, enjoying each other’s company. This morning it rained out of season, and my heart was crushed knowing it was time to go back to work.

Anyway, the highlights in bullet form:

  • Picking the kiddo from school and trying this newly opened coffee shop near our place called Coffee Project
  • Window shopping at All Home with the kiddo then dropping by my mother’s place for some chitchat
  • CDs from the mail: Savatage’s Edge of Thorns and Foo Fighters’ Foo Fighters
  • Finished watching Luke Cage (hey, amazing OST, and it’s on Spotify!)
  • Episodes 6 and 7 of Easy
  • Episode 2 of Black Mirror‘s third season
  • Episode 3 of Undeclared (via YouTube)
  • Finished reading Elmore Leonard’s Maximum Bob, started on Raymond Chandler’s Lady in the Lake
  • Trick or treats with the kiddo in our subdivision, and then a Halloween party afterward
  • Biked for 27 kms
  • Lunch and dinner at Coffee Project (they got tasty longganisa meal)
  • Horror movies galore: Behemoth, Lights Out, The Other Side of the Door, The Last House on Cemetery Lane, The Boy

And Tuesday, November 1, a holiday, I’m back to the grind and missing my girls.

Playlist: Dee SniderWe are the Ones; Sully ErnaHometown Life; Various ArtistsLuke Cage OST


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