Long weekend

snoopyAbout to enjoy a four-day break from the drudgery starting tomorrow, Friday, thanks to All Souls Day. I’m super stoked, as long weekends aren’t really an automatic thing in my profession, where the phrase “non-working holiday” is an abstract concept, a strange-sounding perk of the “ordinary folks.” Sure we can enjoy holidays from time to time, but it must have the approval of the higher-ups, like my long break here.

Halloween parties and horror movies, is how I see the next four days to be. Also naps and a lot of reading, if I could follow the schedule I’d set in my head. If the weather’s fine I’d probably add some kms on the bike, do some cardio, get all sweaty and all. I’ll also devote some time for guitar practice. When I punched in for work on Tuesday I should’ve finished a book or a TV series or both, seen at least five movies, mastered playing “Butterfly” by Weezer, and accomplished many tasks I’ve been wanting to do on ordinary days but couldn’t. Way I see, four days aren’t enough for all of them…

Playlist: SupersuckersHoldin’ the Bag; AsphyxIncoming Death; Papa RoachLovehatetragedy; PretendersAlone



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