Two deaths

Couple of minutes past midnight. Just finished replacing the strings of my acoustic guitar and tuning them. Tried playing excerpts of songs I know to get my groove back, so to speak, but it wasn’t working. Didn’t take long before my fingers hurt. So I stopped. I could never be that cool guy impressing girls with mad guitar skills.



Season 7 started Monday, and by now every Tom, Dick and Harry knows two important characters died: Abraham Ford and fan favorite Glenn Rhee. Both found themselves at the business end of Negan’s Lucille. Abraham’s death I kind of predicted, but Glenn’s? Didn’t see that coming (although I wished for it, as I didn’t like his doughboy face). Actually, I didn’t see two deaths in one episode coming. Nice job, Robert Kirkman and co.

Smashed heads aside, the pilot is actually so-so. I find Negan’s long-winded rant boring, and his little field trip with Rick kind of unnecessary. I guess Kirkman figured out fans will be too sad or shocked by Glenn’s death to give a shit. Still, there’s promise in Season 7, so I’m giving it a whirl.

Playlist: AsphyxIncoming Death


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