Seth Rogen kind of weekend


So apparently there is this old short-lived Judd Apatow sitcom called Undeclared. It came out in 2001-2002, and starred Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen, among others. I can’t remember what I was Googling on Saturday night, but I somehow ended up on the show’s page, and I instantly got curious. Luckily, there are available episodes on YouTube. I checked the pilot and thought it was cool. Will check out the rest.

Other stuff that went down over the weekend

  • Hung around wifey’s office in Makati (she was doing OT)
  • Ministop lunch with the kiddo in Makati (while wifey’s doing OT)
  • Evening stroll at Greenbelt (scored Metallica’s black album from Astrovision)
  • Watched Ep. 1 of Black Mirror Season 3
  • Eps. 9 and 10 of Luke Cage
  • Watched Sausage Party with the wifey (again, starring Seth Rogen)
  • Swedish massage

And then it’s Monday again, and I feel like I should’ve taken more naps.

Playlist: NirvanaNevermind; The PixiesHead Carrier


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