IMG_8767.JPGLess than an hour before midnight, and I’m thinking about corpses.

Top story of a prime time news program today was this funeral home in Quezon City that was ordered closed by city hall due to “sanitation issues” (read: unclaimed cadavers, piles and piles of them, left rotting in a room). It was a hell of a news item to throw at people’s faces at dinnertime, but there you go, in full HD color.

It was both sad and disgusting, and I can’t shake it off my head. I doubt city hall officials who went to the area for the inspection will have a good night sleep tonight.

Those bodies. Once upon a time they were human beings who laughed, cried, ate, slept like me. They hugged and were hugged, kissed and were kissed. They fucked. They played with babies. They cheered at PBA games, enjoyed parties, appreciated the rain. Some probably committed a crime, some didn’t, but all of them surely dreamed of a better life, if not for them but for their loved ones.

Now, however, they’re just bodies. And forgotten ones at that. I can’t think of anything sadder.


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