‘Black Mirror’


At the office earlier, amid the background noise of yet another congressional hearing on “extrajudicial killings,” I was suddenly gripped by a terrible urge to pack up and head home. The reason: Black Mirror, the British TV series that has me thinking of nothing else ever since I (very belatedly) saw the pilot episode last night. Followed it up with another episode this morning while prepping for work, and with two good episodes down I am now craving for a marathon. Just me and my laptop and the rest of the series. How did this escape my radar anyway?

So for the meantime I’m putting the other series I’m following on the back burner until I’m finished with the show’s two seasons (third one will be out October 21 via Netflix!). Won’t take long, as there are only three episodes per season. Which, considering how deliciously good the show is, seems like a bummer.

On to my third episode now…

Playlist: MerauderBluetality; Ringworm – Hammer of the Witch


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