Today’s blind purchase

img_0717… is a James Patterson graphic novel called Daniel X: Alien Hunter. The title’s cheesy, but I dig the cover art, and for only P180 at Booksale I thought, Why not? (Actually, I went there to score the X-Men Noir I saw last week, but some asshole beat me to it, and I didn’t want to leave the place empty-handed.)

Lack of sleep and bad stomach plagued me in the morning. Popped Lomotil and washed it down with Cobra Energy Drink like a true thug. Not really. The energy drink was consumed at the office, for “mental boost” as I confronted nine long hours of the same old same old. Shit always does the trick. Must be the ginseng.

Watched eps 3 and 4 of American Horror Story Season 6 today. Was planning to start on Season 1 of Black Mirror when I got home from work, was even excited about it, but in bed I realized I rather read and sleep early, so this is all for now…

Playlist: The Goo Goo DollsGreatest Hits Vol. 1: The Singles; WASPBabylon; ToolAenima; Dream TheaterFalling Into Infinity


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