Not again

Time check 10:10 p.m. Still at the office. Still listening to the livestream of yet another congressional hearing on the illegal drug trade inside the national penitentiary. Way I see it, this will drag on for at least one more hour, give or take. I feel like choking a congressman.

Meanwhile, this is how my weekend went down:

  • Biked for 27kms
  • Jollibee lunch at Robinson’s Antipolo with the girls
  • Scored a cheap-ass Xenon DVD player because our old one got busted by lightning two weeks ago and I miss listening to my CDs
  • Finished reading Out of my Skin by John Haskell; picked up Ryu Murakami’s In the Miso Soup next
  • Watched Joshy with the wifey
  • Watched eps 3 and 4 of Luke Cage
  • Finished watching The Wire Season 1 (Kima Greggs is alive! But the ending was bittersweet)
  • Started watching Westworld
  • Naps, naps and naps

And Monday, drizzly and devoid of colors, came like a hard kick in the gut.

Playlist: Deep PurpleSlaves and Masters


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