‘Exchanging emails w/ smileys’

Friday night. Cranking out a quickie here before The Wire. Just saying that I’m glad the workweek is over, because it has been a terribly long one, with bad weather, heavy traffic, and two insane congressional hearings that dragged on for hours (read: until late at night). The one yesterday, which lasted for 12 hours, really drained me. Had me staying at the office for an extra hour or so. That’s one hour too long for me! Couldn’t even appreciate the fact that all throughout I was exchanging emails with smileys with J__,  my unfortunate partner for an assignment who happened to be pretty. (Hey, big sucker for pretty here.)

Anyway, weekend. No big plans except to watch shit on my laptop. Also: afternoon naps. May or may not bike. Ditto blog. I think the girls have a plan for us to go to the mall tomorrow, and that’s probably the only time I’ll leave the house and be with people. Otherwise it’ll be another home buddy kind of weekend for me — the kind I like, actually.

Playlist: The PixiesHead Carrier; The EaglesThe Long Run; SavatageEdge of Thorns


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