A reunion of sorts


Highlight of my weekend was hanging out with my college friends in Amadeo, Cavite. It was fun, although we weren’t there to have fun but to pay our respects to L__’s mother, who died Saturday last week. She was a gracious woman whom we fondly remember for her hospitality  during our college days, when we — a bunch of state university freeloaders— would crash at their place for days, consuming their grub and destroying their provincial peace. It was full-blast nostalgia when I stepped into their house yesterday for the first time in many years. Very little has change. Once our home away from home, it was still as homey as ever. If it weren’t for the casket and the funeral flowers and the bright lights, it would’ve felt like we were still in college.

Life. It’s sad that it has to end someday.

And it’s equally sadder that our little Saturday get-together was made possible by somebody dying. Indeed. What were once unapologetic freeloaders who had nothing but time, are now busy bees with families and jobs and weekend OT…


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