Long weekend

snoopyAbout to enjoy a four-day break from the drudgery starting tomorrow, Friday, thanks to All Souls Day. I’m super stoked, as long weekends aren’t really an automatic thing in my profession, where the phrase “non-working holiday” is an abstract concept, a strange-sounding perk of the “ordinary folks.” Sure we can enjoy holidays from time to time, but it must have the approval of the higher-ups, like my long break here.

Halloween parties and horror movies, is how I see the next four days to be. Also naps and a lot of reading, if I could follow the schedule I’d set in my head. If the weather’s fine I’d probably add some kms on the bike, do some cardio, get all sweaty and all. I’ll also devote some time for guitar practice. When I punched in for work on Tuesday I should’ve finished a book or a TV series or both, seen at least five movies, mastered playing “Butterfly” by Weezer, and accomplished many tasks I’ve been wanting to do on ordinary days but couldn’t. Way I see, four days aren’t enough for all of them…

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Two deaths

Couple of minutes past midnight. Just finished replacing the strings of my acoustic guitar and tuning them. Tried playing excerpts of songs I know to get my groove back, so to speak, but it wasn’t working. Didn’t take long before my fingers hurt. So I stopped. I could never be that cool guy impressing girls with mad guitar skills.



Season 7 started Monday, and by now every Tom, Dick and Harry knows two important characters died: Abraham Ford and fan favorite Glenn Rhee. Both found themselves at the business end of Negan’s Lucille. Abraham’s death I kind of predicted, but Glenn’s? Didn’t see that coming (although I wished for it, as I didn’t like his doughboy face). Actually, I didn’t see two deaths in one episode coming. Nice job, Robert Kirkman and co.

Smashed heads aside, the pilot is actually so-so. I find Negan’s long-winded rant boring, and his little field trip with Rick kind of unnecessary. I guess Kirkman figured out fans will be too sad or shocked by Glenn’s death to give a shit. Still, there’s promise in Season 7, so I’m giving it a whirl.

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Seth Rogen kind of weekend


So apparently there is this old short-lived Judd Apatow sitcom called Undeclared. It came out in 2001-2002, and starred Jay Baruchel and Seth Rogen, among others. I can’t remember what I was Googling on Saturday night, but I somehow ended up on the show’s page, and I instantly got curious. Luckily, there are available episodes on YouTube. I checked the pilot and thought it was cool. Will check out the rest.

Other stuff that went down over the weekend

  • Hung around wifey’s office in Makati (she was doing OT)
  • Ministop lunch with the kiddo in Makati (while wifey’s doing OT)
  • Evening stroll at Greenbelt (scored Metallica’s black album from Astrovision)
  • Watched Ep. 1 of Black Mirror Season 3
  • Eps. 9 and 10 of Luke Cage
  • Watched Sausage Party with the wifey (again, starring Seth Rogen)
  • Swedish massage

And then it’s Monday again, and I feel like I should’ve taken more naps.

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Bombshell in Beijing

Big story today was President Duterte, in Beijing, announcing before Chinese officials the Philippines’ “separation” from the United States in terms of military and economics. In place, he said, he is forging alliances with China and Russia, two of Uncle Sam’s favorite frenemies. Depending on whether you’re a supporter or not, this move is either decidedly bold or downright stupid. Expectedly, those who believe in the latter are freaking out big time, and Facebook is once again on fire.

Duterte. Some days I think he’s a hero, some days a buffoon. And some days, like today, I don’t know what to think of him. He walks the thin line between a patriot and a madman. Is he leading the country to progress or to perdition? Knowing such a character is elected to rule the country for six years is making some people lose their shit. Meanwhile, I watch from the sidelines and try not to get affected.

Following Duterte’s bombshell earlier I asked an office-mate: “What do you think powerful people are talking about behind closed doors these days?”

His answer was cryptic: “Uncle Sam will not take this sitting down.”

And here I ask: How long before the indignation move from Facebook to the streets? Think: Manila’s own Arab Spring. It’s a scary thought, and to me it’s scarier because if it happens, I don’t know which side of the fence I’ll be on. One thing’s for sure though, I’ll emerge from it heartbroken.

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Ginebra! Ginebra!

Well, even to someone who didn’t really follow the finals as eagerly as the entire nation did, tonight’s buzzer-beater championship victory by Barangay Ginebra over Meralco Bolts was one for the books. Part of me wishes I’m as into the team — or as into basketball in general, for that matter — as when I was in the late Nineties, when Ginebra had the likes of Marlou Aquino and Bal David and Noli Locsin, and was still under the tutelage of Robert Jaworski. I realize now, as I check  the jubilation on my Facebook wall, that I miss rooting for a basketball team, and celebrating in times of triumph.

Anyway, congratulations, Ginebra. You deserve having Kim Domingo as your new calendar girl.


That was actually another Ginebra-related good news today, the announcement that Kim Domingo is their calendar girl for 2017. Thanks to an office-mate, I am one of the first owners of such calendar. Next year suddenly looks, well, inviting.

Windy outside. Storm’s a-brewin’. Night’s deep. Here’s to wild Kim Domingo dreams…

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IMG_8767.JPGLess than an hour before midnight, and I’m thinking about corpses.

Top story of a prime time news program today was this funeral home in Quezon City that was ordered closed by city hall due to “sanitation issues” (read: unclaimed cadavers, piles and piles of them, left rotting in a room). It was a hell of a news item to throw at people’s faces at dinnertime, but there you go, in full HD color.

It was both sad and disgusting, and I can’t shake it off my head. I doubt city hall officials who went to the area for the inspection will have a good night sleep tonight.

Those bodies. Once upon a time they were human beings who laughed, cried, ate, slept like me. They hugged and were hugged, kissed and were kissed. They fucked. They played with babies. They cheered at PBA games, enjoyed parties, appreciated the rain. Some probably committed a crime, some didn’t, but all of them surely dreamed of a better life, if not for them but for their loved ones.

Now, however, they’re just bodies. And forgotten ones at that. I can’t think of anything sadder.

The Montessori way


I guess the highlight of the weekend was this parent-teacher education seminar the wifey and I attended on Saturday morning. It was about the “Montessori” way of teaching vs. the traditional way, and it was a highlight because, though I’m not fond of attending seminars or meetings or what have you especially on Saturday mornings, this one had me feeling good afterward. As we filed out of the auditorium, I kept thinking, My wife and I may not be earning as much as we want, but at least our collective pay allows us to send our kid to a decent school with a specialized, student-friendly method of teaching. Makes all the sacrifices worth it.

Anyway, stuff that went down over the weekend:

  • Finished watching Black Mirror (two seasons plus a Christmas special)
  • Watched eps 5,6 and 7 of Luke Cage
  • Episode 2 of Westworld
  • Significant progress in Ryu Murakami’s In the Miso Soup (from over 30% last Friday, to 66% Sunday night, according to my Kindle)
  • Gerry’s Grill lunch with the family (I was so full I could hardly move afterward!)
  • Scored Iron Man and Suicide Squad shirts at Robinsons
  • Kiddo’s second salon haircut in her seven years
  • Survived a storm

And then it’s Monday again. Time to earn my keep.

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‘Black Mirror’


At the office earlier, amid the background noise of yet another congressional hearing on “extrajudicial killings,” I was suddenly gripped by a terrible urge to pack up and head home. The reason: Black Mirror, the British TV series that has me thinking of nothing else ever since I (very belatedly) saw the pilot episode last night. Followed it up with another episode this morning while prepping for work, and with two good episodes down I am now craving for a marathon. Just me and my laptop and the rest of the series. How did this escape my radar anyway?

So for the meantime I’m putting the other series I’m following on the back burner until I’m finished with the show’s two seasons (third one will be out October 21 via Netflix!). Won’t take long, as there are only three episodes per season. Which, considering how deliciously good the show is, seems like a bummer.

On to my third episode now…

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Today’s blind purchase

img_0717… is a James Patterson graphic novel called Daniel X: Alien Hunter. The title’s cheesy, but I dig the cover art, and for only P180 at Booksale I thought, Why not? (Actually, I went there to score the X-Men Noir I saw last week, but some asshole beat me to it, and I didn’t want to leave the place empty-handed.)

Lack of sleep and bad stomach plagued me in the morning. Popped Lomotil and washed it down with Cobra Energy Drink like a true thug. Not really. The energy drink was consumed at the office, for “mental boost” as I confronted nine long hours of the same old same old. Shit always does the trick. Must be the ginseng.

Watched eps 3 and 4 of American Horror Story Season 6 today. Was planning to start on Season 1 of Black Mirror when I got home from work, was even excited about it, but in bed I realized I rather read and sleep early, so this is all for now…

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Not again

Time check 10:10 p.m. Still at the office. Still listening to the livestream of yet another congressional hearing on the illegal drug trade inside the national penitentiary. Way I see it, this will drag on for at least one more hour, give or take. I feel like choking a congressman.

Meanwhile, this is how my weekend went down:

  • Biked for 27kms
  • Jollibee lunch at Robinson’s Antipolo with the girls
  • Scored a cheap-ass Xenon DVD player because our old one got busted by lightning two weeks ago and I miss listening to my CDs
  • Finished reading Out of my Skin by John Haskell; picked up Ryu Murakami’s In the Miso Soup next
  • Watched Joshy with the wifey
  • Watched eps 3 and 4 of Luke Cage
  • Finished watching The Wire Season 1 (Kima Greggs is alive! But the ending was bittersweet)
  • Started watching Westworld
  • Naps, naps and naps

And Monday, drizzly and devoid of colors, came like a hard kick in the gut.

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