When you’re dead

Every time an important person dies, when VIPs trip over themselves sending press releases to praise the deceased, I get reminded of this song. Dig the first lines:

“Everybody loves you when you’re dead
And everyone is suddenly your dearest friend
Nobody talks no dirt about you
But life – it just goes on above your head
When you’re dead…”

Everybody loves Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago today. Everyone is suddenly her dearest friend. Surely, no one is talking dirt about her. Politicians, Supreme Court justices, the communists, heck, even her political nemeses. They are all singing one beautiful song about her.

Not saying she doesn’t deserve it. But I couldn’t help but doubt the sincerity of some of them. I wonder: Who among them condoled with the family first before sending their nicely worded tribute statements to the press? Who among them really mean what they say? And, more importantly, who gives a shit? Just asking.

Welcome to my blog, Internet Straggler. Expect more antisocial nonsense like this.

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